Mike Bub, Robert Bowlin, Kathy Chiavola, Larry Cordle, Glen Duncan, Ellsworth Dye, Randy Howard, Alissa Jones and Mark Schatz, all pay homage to the Traditional side of the music with tracks like Morgan Megan, Little Rosewood Casket/Old Spinning Wheel, and Seneca Square Dance, while introducing some new music that is surely destined to become classic.

Tunes like Azalea Waltz written by Kathy Chiavola and All My Children and Black Mountain Aire written by Mark Schatz are based squarely in traditions of the past.


Butch Baldassari, mandolins Fred Carpenter, fiddle
Robert Bowlin, guitar Alissa Jones, hammered dulcimer
Mark Schatz, bass Jeff White, guitar
Mike Bub, bass Randy Howard, fiddle
Ernie Sykes, bass Kathy Chiavola, guitar
Ellsworth Dye, bones Jim Wood, bouzouki
Glen Duncan, fiddle Jeff Lisenby, accordion
Larry Cordle, guitar Billy Rose, bass


  1. Morgan Megan
  2. Little Rosewood Casket/Old Spinning Wheel
  3. All My Children
  4. Azalea Waltz
  5. Angeline The Baker/Miss Macleod's Reel/ Little Rabbit
  6. Pass Me Not
  7. Johnny Goes To France/Ice On The Road/ Temperance Reel
  8. Black Mountain Aire
  9. Seneca Square Dance
  10. Midnight On The Water
  11. Bill's Dream/Boston Boys/Whiskey Before Breakfast