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What happens when two Nashville based pros with credits ranging from Tuvan throat singing and Bluegrass to orchestral composition and Emmy/Grammy nominations get together to form a new group? If the two are Butch Baldassari and Dave Hofner, the result is SILENT SOUND and their debut, NIGHTFALL.

Lush, tranquil, and enchanting, NIGHTFALL spotlights the relaxing side of the mandolin family, and adds to the acoustic strings a bed of lush keyboards, subtle woodwinds, and occasional ethereal female voicing. With all the attention recently focused on the mandolin, thanks to its central role in Bluegrass music, NIGHTFALL is bound to surprise many listeners with this whole other side of this multi-faceted instrument.

Featuring compositions by numerous well-regarded artists including Michael Hoppé and Massimo Gatti, NIGHTFALL is one of the year's most surprising new releases and a thoroughly rewarding outing that will make many fans for this new group. The definition of pure relaxation, Nightfall is destined to become a contemporary instrumental classic!

Sample tracks:


La Paz

The Path Downhill


Price: $12.00

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